The 5 causes and the 5 lies (As 5 causas e as 5 mentiras)

Os vídeos deste post estão em Português, vou apenas colocar a tradução em inglês pro pessoal de fora. (The videos are in Portuguese, I'll just put the translation for outsiders.)

The 5 causes of Brazil (The 5 causes)

What we want for the moment:

- Veto PEC 37;
- Immediate output of Renan Calheiros from the presidency of the Congress;
- Research and punish irregularities in works Cup, to be investigated by the Federal Police and the Prosecutors;
- A law that makes corruption a heinous crime;
- End of special jurisdiction because it is an outrage to Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution.

The 5 lies of President Dilma:

 Brazil woke up, woke up to a new era of fighting against corruption and injustice.
Woke up to fight for better public services, this giant is no longer asleep and requires much more than an empty pronouncement of the Brazilian President.

You have talked, Dilma, now is the time to hear us.

1st - Dilma says that political and economic constraints her to do better: it's a LIE, Dilma has the largest base of political support in the history of Brazil, she has not done more and better  because she does not want to or maybe it's incompetence.
2nd - Dilma says that everybody knows  that she does not tolerate corruption: it's a LIE, she took back to the Government all parties and leaders accused of corruption.
3rd - Dilma says she will propose the governors and mayors a program of urban mobility that favors public transportation. We have heard this story of urban mobility plan before, it was named PAC mobility and was announced by you, Dilma. The prediction was that it was going to be ready for the Confederations Cup and it's not.
4th - Dilma says there's no public money invested in the construction of arenas that will host World Cup games: it's a LIE, cash Cup does not come out of nowhere, came rather from the federal budget even if in the form of loans, these loans were made to large contractors who had enough money to do the work themselves. If only those who buy ticket can watch the game, why  the entire population must pay the stadium?
5th - Dilma says that she increased investment in public health: it's a LIE, 10 years since the PT took the federal government, by contrast, has reduced investments in health.

We do not need more circus Cup, Dilma. We want much more than this and we want it now.

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